My name is Clémence, and I’ve been teaching French for over 12 years. I grew up in Normandy, in the north-west of France, before starting to travel at the age of 21. For many years, I had the chance to explore different cultures while working abroad. For the past 10 years, I have dedicated myself to teaching French online and I am also a content creator on Instagram.

Here, you can book a tailor-made one-to-one lesson and discover my on-demand videos to improve your grammar, pronunciation and enrich your vocabulary. See you soon!


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Forget grammar books and have fun learning at your own pace! Thanks to original dialogues, the subjunctive, articles and pronouns will no longer hold any secrets for you.


Having trouble understanding spoken French? My phonetics courses, exclusively in French, will help you speak more naturally.

Thanks to the subtitles, offering total immersion in the French language, you’ll make rapid progress and be able to test your knowledge with the final quiz.


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Because learning a language isn’t just about understanding others, it’s also about producing and being understood.


Join me in an individual or group course, entirely in French, and take your language skills to the next level


Whether your goals are personal or professional, there’s sure to be a course to suit you.


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A course tailored to your needs and objectives.
Improve your French skills while sharing with other cultures.


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Classes take place on Skype or Google Meet and are always accompanied by a Google Doc on which I take notes. This document allows us to centralize information and enables students to do their homework (writing task, grammar exercises, etc.) in one place.

Private lessons cost 65€/hour and group lessons 20€/hour.

Yes, there is a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 4.




years old

I started learning French on my own, but after a few months, I found Clemence, and decided to take lessons with her. I started with her 4 months ago and have made a lot of progress. I find her structured way of working very useful. I also like the fact that we can have lots of conversations on different subjects, she corrects our mistakes and suggests better ways of expressing ourselves. We also learn grammar



years old

Clémence is the best French teacher I have ever had. Thanks to our work together, I have progressed from basic French to speaking and understanding the language at an advanced level. What makes lessons with Clémence so special is her thorough preparation and understanding of how to teach the French language. These factors enable her to adapt to her students’ needs so that they can achieve their goals in the French language. On top of that, Clémence is a wonderful person who knows how to keep her students motivated and engaged.



years old

Before I met Clémence, I had trouble speaking, often finding myself out of breath and at a loss for words. I had to really concentrate while
listening, and often lost the thread of the conversation. A year after I started working with Clémence, I no longer have any anxiety. I participate in intellectual conversations and react spontaneously and naturally. The way she teaches is an incomparable experience. My goals are ambitious and I’m sure I’ll achieve them thanks to Clém!



years old

I started learning French when I was about 45. I took language courses in France and, like many Germans, spent a lot of energy mastering French grammar. But orally, unsurprisingly, it didn’t work.
Fortunately, in Clémence I found a truly exceptional teacher. Taking online classes with her has been incredibly helpful in improving my language skills. I now have much more confidence in speaking French. She’s very attentive to what you say and has a lot to say herself.
In short, everything you need for a good conversation! I’m also very impressed by the way she takes notes during lessons, almost unnoticed, in which she corrects my mistakes and suggests better ways of expressing myself. This makes revision much easier.